November 2016

burger places near meIn the past, average people have seldom spent their times in having snacks together. But, nowadays this reality changes as many pleasure gathering cafes near me places are build. Besides, the restaurant where serves meals to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, specific places where particularly sell light snacks and beverages are also established. It is called cafes. Based on the historical story, the cafe is originated from the coffee house, a coffee shop which primarily sells beverages in coffee based. As for the demand results, many other menus are also available such as tea, chocolate, in hot and cold serve at cafe near me right now.

What Is The New Products Cafes Near Me Offer?

In average, cafes near me offer the signature dish and recipe. Of course, the category of high end, middle class, or cheap quality is the factor of the taste, equal with the pricing. But, overall, they serve drinks and snacks in their own way. Some people like to visit their favorite cafes because of the masterpiece products of each. For example, this A cafe has a very tasteful espresso, it means when they want to take espresso, they will come to this A cafe. One habit in people is also they like to give reference to other. This is double possible when they have invited their friends or colleagues here. Automatically, they will suggest the special menu to the others.

However, people also need a reference as an ideal cafe when they travel to somewhere new. For example, when they travel to the US for the first time, even though there are numbers of the cafe, a review from popular cafes is still required. As we know, in the US some cafes near me could be found by stepping on the foot. But, for the ideal ones, people can make direct click to find it. Some reviews from famous cafes could be read here such as Everyman Espresso in NY, Ipsento at Chicago, Sunergos in Louisville, Verve Coffee Roasters around California, a nice comedy and music performance Cafe Underground, and a unique one that is one called as Intelligentsia Cafe.


Health tipsLose weight while pregnant is not the easy way. Therefore, as a pregnant woman you should choose perfect diet way. Because you are pregnant, you must choose a safe diet to keep baby and women health. Overweight that happens in pregnant women are because women tend to consume a meal. They consume many foods to meet the needs of mother and the baby. Most of them consume much more foods to meet the nutrition needs of the mother and the baby. Also, the pregnant women will consume much more snack when they are relaxing in their spare time.

How to lose weight while pregnant to 3 kg per week? The women who want to lose weight while pregnant to 3 kg per week can do some activities. First, the women pregnant should manage the consumption of food. Try to make a balanced diet. Second, consume healthy food to meet the needs of the baby. Third, try to have a meal every four hours to make the process in the body perfect.

Tips To Lose Weight For Pregnant Women

Lose weight for pregnant women are prohibited but they can control their weight. They should consume foods which contain a lot of vitamin C such as lemon, broccoli, papaya, orange, turnips and mustard green juice. Also, consume vitamin D foods. do not forget to have a breakfast. Many people think that breakfast will make them overweight. However, that is wrong. Breakfast is very important because it is the best time to burn calorie in our body. After we are pregnant, we must more often do exercises. We can go to gym five times a week. Although we are busy, we must go to the gym. We can do the exercises for an hour and even more than an hour.


singles bars near meIf you have much free time next weekend, you might like to spend your night in one of those singles bars near me. Spending the night in bars and clubs is one of the excellent ideas when we do not have anything to do. We can have the opportunity to meet someone new and discover another great time being outside our home. If you are one of Chicago residents or living around this area, you must try these best singles bars and see how much it is good to meet someone new in a bar.

These Are The Best Singles Bars Near Me In Chicago

When you are looking for singles bars, Chicago is one of the cities that provides you a range of choices. There is Crobar as one of the instances. Crobar is one of a popular pub in Chicago where you can find various individuals include they who are single and available. This one of singles bars near me can be a starting point to engage into another romantic relationship you are dreaming of. Then, there is also Vision which you can consider. This one is highly recommended for its best dance club. For you who want to spend the night in one Chicago finest nightclub, Vision can be your first solution.

Furthermore, you can also consider Green Dolphin Street. Do not think about something like Dolphin with the green color that you might meet in this place. Instead of something cute like a dolphin, you might meet attractive girls or boys that you are waiting for. People who you can find here are generally friendly that they are willing to assemble with new people easily. The last, you can take English into account as well. It is one best singles bars near me that are certainly perfect for you who are seeking for gorgeous girls and guys at the town.


farmhouse coffee tableSome people think farmhouse coffee table will always look good only in the living room with the couch or sofa around it. However, you know, you can modify the farmhouse style of the coffee table as the furniture of your bedroom. It will work so well if you know the tips of the coffee table in your bedroom. For you who like spending time in your own bedroom; this idea will be perfect for you. Thus, let us see the tips and ideas of the coffee table with farmhouse style in the bedroom below.

Farmhouse Coffee Table In Bedroom Ideas

Some coffee tables with farmhouse style have a big appearance. You will think that the big coffee table will not look good in your bedroom. However, if you have more space after your bed; you can place the coffee table freely in your bedroom. It will be the best place of yours to kill the time. First, you can place the farmhouse coffee table near the window of your bedroom. You can get one or more seats around the coffee table if you want. If you want to spend your precious with someone; you can add an extra seat, then. Do not forget to make the coffee table and the seats match with all the furniture near them.

Do not make the coffee table and the seat look like strangers that come into your bedroom. You should purchase the coffee table with farmhouse style and the seats from the previous chest and bed store, or you can create your own coffee table with your own design and ideas. That will be so cool. So, what do you think about the idea of farmhouse coffee table in the bedroom? If you think it is a great idea; just do it now. That is all; hope you like it.


clash of clans hackSome people do love playing Clash of Clans online game. It is really addictive and fun. You will know that from other Clash of Clans review by only read it. For the best experience of playing this Clash of Clans, you need to be ‘rich’ player in the game. How to do that? You can get your best village buildings and you can have the best clans in the games that can beat so many other clans. So, read the review of Clash of Clans below.

What is The Clash of Clans Review for Best Experience?

Clash of Clans is really a popular game because it is fun and interesting. Some people choose to buy the game’s account from other people account that is already strong and good. Then, you know, the price of this game’s account is not cheap. It is expensive and become more expensive based on the stage of the clan and village. One of the Clash of Clans review mentions that this game is really addicting because you can leave all your real activities just for one game: defending your village from the enemy. Every time, you need to get ready whenever the enemy comes to your village.

The most fun part in this game is if you rich you can be so strong. Rich here you are able to get gems as much as possible. You have gold and you have elixir as well. Some people with a lot of gems will have strong village and clans. However, some people cannot afford a lot of gems because they need to buy it with their balance of phone. That is why they need to hack the COC rule with some help. They find the way to get the gems freely in websites or internet. Thus, they get COC hack there easily. So, do you want to be one of those gamers?


clash royale hackThis era is where the Smartphone and internet are taken over the world. Smartphone exist to entertain people and with Smartphone you can get things that can entertain you without having a TV. A mobile entertainment is something good for modern people who live in the modern years. One of the advantages using a Smartphone is you can play the game anywhere and everywhere you want. The mobile game this day looks perfect and great and there are lots of genres that you can choose. One of the genres that happening right now is the strategy game. The game that needs brain to play with.

Online Strategy Game for Thinker

This game came from the same developer like the clash of clans which also one of the greatest strategy game ever. But, this new game is the new future of strategy game. It looks a bit different from the CoC. This game also called as clash royale. One of the good and perfect real-time strategy and real-time battle for the past few years. The gameplay looks much simpler than the CoC. But, still, this game has its own fans that will make you addict to this game. With a simpler display and design, make people can learn how to play this game fast and also the game will provide you with a good guide that will help you learn how to play it.

But, the problem is, some of the items on this game will require some real money to get which sounds a bit hard for people who don’t have money. Well, you don’t have to worry, because there are two different ways that you can use to get the items that you need. First, you can wait for the event or win the battle and defeat your enemy, or you can get it with using the clash royale cheats. Using the cheat is the easiest and fastest way for you to get the things that you need and it will also be able to help you gain the power for your village, troops and make you stronger really fast.


Health tipsHaving a healthier body is the dream and of course, the dream can be achieving with hard working and exercising. Well, health is one of the expensive things on earth and not easy to get it. So, if you want the best for your old days and future. The first thing that you need to have is the healthier body and of course in this article we will discuss things that can make you be healthier and better in the future. This can helpful for those of you who want to live better in the future. For you who don’t want to live better, maybe it’s better if you read this article too.

First thing first. When we talk about health. Of course, it will conclude if health can be achieved with changing the lifestyle of yours and of course to do that, you need a hard effort and strong will. Well, changing the lifestyle is our main point. After that. You need to pay much more attention to the things that you will eat and drink. Avoid the food that contains fat it better for you, because fat will only give you illness and of course it will be dangerous.

Leave behind the beverages that contain alcohol and soda. Those kinds of drinks won’t be good for the body and liver. If you are a smoker, it’s better if you start to reduce your cigarettes consumption, because do smoke will be bad for your lungs. Well, do all that stuff above won’t be complete without you do some exercise to your body. So, if you want to make it perfect, you need to do exercise continuously every day for the rest of your life.  Well, those tips it’s the easiest tips that you can do if you want a better life.


Apartment DesignsThe open kitchen is elegant and much recommended for your apartment. It makes the apartment more classy and luxurious. If you want to have open kitchen decoration, this article will show you. There are several tips to make apartment design plans and concept. First, you must consider about the place of the open kitchen because the kitchen will make some food smells. Therefore, you must make sure that the place of the kitchen is far enough from your neighbor or the bedroom.

Several Things That Should Be Given Attention In Apartment Design Plans

Then, you must pay attention to the lighting in the open kitchen with apartment design plans. You can use bright lighting the stove and kitchen appliances to make you are not difficult to find them in the night. Furthermore, you can use yellow lighting on the ceiling of the dining table. The yellow lighting will make it more romantic nuance. The furniture in the open kitchen is usually using formal furniture, so you should choose simple kitchen furniture.

Because of the place is integrated with living room, you must make sure that the kitchen is always clean. You must pay attention of the rubbish in the kitchen. You should clean it every day.  You should clean it after finishing a cooking activity. Your kitchen will be seen by many people who come to your house, so you must make sure that the kitchen is interesting and gorgeous. Aside you should apply modern furniture you must keep the cleanliness in the apartment. In addition, you should place a broom and a trash can in a place where is not looked by many people. It will reduce the beauty in the room. All of them will make the open kitchen with apartment design plans are more fascinating


Online HackMobile game in this era maybe looks a bit different than the 90’s mobile game, because, in this era, you can play a very high-end mobile game just like the PC or Play station offer. Playing game is one of the best ideas to help you refresh your mind and it will make you can feel better after your works and your exhausting daily activity. Not only that, playing the mobile game also can help you kill your boring time at the office or school when you have nothing to do of course. But, playing the game not always bring the joy to you, especially when you can’t play the game well.

Easy Way To Help You Enjoy The Game That You Play

Well, when you having trouble playing the game it will feel bad. Especially when you curious about how it will end. There are lots of genres that you can choose and many of them will offer you with some items that you need to buy with actual money and for you who don’t want to spend any money and still want to go with the game, you still have hope friends. Yes, there is still a way for you to enjoy your game without paying any bills.

Of course, for you who already into the game world you will know about this thing and how useful and handy this item is. For you who isn’t familiar with the game world, you need to know about hack generator which already used by lots of gamers all over the world to help them gain more power, stamina and can give you unlimited health. With this item or tools in your hand, you can play the game that you played easy and you even can defeat the enemy with only one blow. With this item in your hand, you can enjoy the game and of course, you won’t spend any money to buy things on the game.


how to get rid of zitsMost of the people will feel unconfident to have zits on the face. Zits come as bumps caused by the excessive oil that clogged the skin. Well, it also feels the itch and a bit painful.  Well, those of you who like to know how to get rid of zits, you can count on this site. Zits often disturb somebody’s appearance so that it is so much better to find the solution to make it clear all the way. As soon as you get the treatment, then you can also get over all the bumps very soon. This is something that makes you feel good to know about.

The Tips How To Get Rid Of Zits Effectively

Reading all the information about how to get rid of zits brings you so many benefits. The first one, you can make it as the cool solution that comes in handy. You will find out how to treat your zits at home. Thus, you will   no need to spend lots of money to get over the zits all the way. This is easy to do. The most important are that you do not have to go to the beauty clinic if you can solve the problem at home.

It would be the good news for your savings then. In addition, the tips available on this site come from the natural remedies so that it is safe and healthy. It may not cause a side effect for the future as you will have natural remedies such as baking soda, lemon, tea tree oil and so on. Hence, whenever the zits come, you already know the way to make it all disappear. Hence, this is completely good for you to know about this one. This site provides you complete information about how to get rid of zits in easy ways.


yunarwinardi.comWe are familiar to those who like to modify and install a variety of android applications, yet most of the android phone users do not think about the risk before performing root android. Most of them find ways to root android phone they use. Therefore, let’s discuss the risk of root android phone that you must know; although different from the rooted android ROM android custom, the risk that we get when doing root android devices, we are not too much different.

IT Review about the Risk of Rooting Android

One of a fatal risk, when we root android is a device, becomes not responding, this risk is most often found when you choose the wrong application or how to root an android phone that you use. Like nowadays, we know how to root android divided in several ways, starting from the root using the application, root using computers etc. The second risk when we root android phone are some of the features on the device is not working, like your android phone cameras cannot run, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection cannot be performed and in your android, cannot be on. It repeatedly will restart automatically, and no sound audio.

and many other android phone root risks, yet the risk of many existing root android phone, just above the second risk could not be in use cameras and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection does not work most often found. After you read this article certainly appears the question is whether all those who do root android risk as written above, the answer was no, only in part, it is the risk of the above will appear if you choose the wrong application or how to root your device. The solution for those of you who are having problems root android phone above is only one, that is re-install the hardware of android. Read more related articles at


Health lifeSome people do not realize that the food they eat every day will drive the body. The body can go to hell or heaven based on the food. Hell, here means bad result in the future, your broken and sick body; then, heaven here means good result in the future, healthy and good body. What will you prefer? Heaven for sure if your brain is still working well. Good food here there are various types. Vegetarians or not will still reach the heaven if they choose the right food. So, what kind of food that is good?

There are options of food you can see around you. Are you cooking? If you cook, you have a step ahead of health life. Cooking will guarantee the quality of your food without any doubt. If you a vegetarian, you will see how important food without animal inside, right? If you buy food in the street, you never know whether they add oil from animal or not. So, cooking by yourself is a good choice. If you are not a vegetarian, you can eat anything you want if it is good. Vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, milk and beans are the best foods ever for your daily consumption.

If you like burgers, pizza, or fried chicken; you can still consume all of them. However, do not eat them too much. If you can make a pizza, burger or fried chicken by yourself; it is even better. Alcohol or soda may harm your body as well if you consume them too much. So, pick which is the best food and drink for your own body, dear. A healthy body will bring a good life and healthy life. You will feel your life is too beautiful to ruin. Do not ruin your perfect body at the first place by being selfish.


purple beddingDo you run out of purple bedding ideas? worry not, we provide you with so much of that! We are kind enough to share it with you! Purple are suitable for every bedroom style you want. It can be vintage, minimalist, even funky. For youngsters, purple will give you a sweet and fun vibe, for the elders, such as a newly married couple, it will give romantic vibes that you need. Purple are such an amazing color, isn’t it?

101 Patterns for Purple Bedding Ideas

What pattern do you usually use for your bed covers? Striped, polka dot or abstract? In this purple bedding ideas, we have every pattern. For stripe pattern, it usually gives a more minimalist vibe, because stripes are a simple design. For polka dot, it will give more lively aura, the constant dot is representing it. As for abstract, you will have a more artistic feel in your bedroom. you can apply the same pattern for your bed covers to your wall, surely it will give a fantastic result. There is so much more pattern that is available that I cannot mention one by one. To completing your bedrooms, look, it is recommended to add more furniture with the same color. You can add purple carpet, purple lamp desk or purple table. Or you can add all of them at once! You know, the more, the merrier.

But if you are an amateur in interior design, you can ask for help from professional, such as architect, interior designer if you have more budget and if you are on a tight budget you can just learn a bit by reading a book about room design or just surf the internet for the tips and trick. What are you waiting for? Go try your own purple bedding ideas, guys!


car review sitesThese new car reviews talk about Nissan car. Nissan global is the latest model in 2017 NISMO GT-R has a refreshment in the “face” which is characterized by the application of a new bumper. Unlike the standard model, the front bumper Nissan GT-R NISMO 2017 made of carbon fiber, made with precision where a layer of carbon fiber sheet carefully overlap to achieve ideal levels of rigidity.

New Car Reviews of Nissan GTR 2017

Part canard (side corner bumper) is designed to improve air flow around the vehicle and produce high downforce. Nissan claims that the GT-R NISMO is the model with the highest downforce among other Nissan models ever, so it gets a remarkable degree of stability at high speeds. A new hood was significantly strengthened in order to avoid deformation at very high speed, again to keep the car’s aerodynamics. The new GT-R NISMO new car reviews also present refreshment in the interior.

The cabins are made more luxurious than the previous generation, redesigned dashboard, steering wheel and armrest covered with high quality leather. The layout of the dashboard enhanced so that more integrated navigation. Audio Control is simplified by reducing the number of buttons on the 27 keys in the previous generation to 11 buttons. Monitor panel is enlarged with 8-inch touch-screen application that allows the operation because it provides icons in a larger size. Nissan GT-R NISMO 2017 is also equipped with a homemade bucket Recaro carbon seats. The engineers enhance performance by improving the performance of all-wheel-drive. The result is better handling than the previous edition. Cardiac pacemaker’s capacity of 3800 cc turbocharged V6 configuration and loaded with a double. The dough produces power 441kW (600 PS). Although impressed grim, Nissan GT-R NISMO 2017 new car reviews is not just wild to ride on a straight track, but also can devour the winding roads.


asian male hairstylesYou know that recently long Asian male hairstyles are no longer popular. However, you still insist want to let your hair long but still modern. How to do then? You can still have your long hair as long as it is not too long. Then, you can make it still look modern and awesome. It is ok to make it just long like woman’s hair as long as you like and your spouse does not mind it. But, if you want to make it look more modern, let see the tips of ideas for long hairstyles for Asian male below.

Tips for Ideas for Long Asian Male Hairstyles

The most popular style for a male with long hair recently is the top ponytail with shaved sides. You will see that it is nice and modern enough for a formal or nonformal look. You can make it still loose when you are not in formal occasion but you still look modern and nice. Other long Asian male hairstyles do not shave the sides of their hair because they too love their hair. It is fine and can look modern if the hair is not too long. However, you should know if the long hair is really good for you or not. Some people will look messy and dirty with long hair; you should make sure that you still good with it.

Rock stars still look handsome, awesome and wonderfully cool with their long hair; if they are as cool as you; then, you can stay with your long hair. The types of your hair will not really matter, is it curly or straight, your long hair will still look cool and nice. That is the idea of long Asian male hairstyles for you who really like long hair style. Wish you can have your best hairstyle.