5 Reasons to Travel to Indonesia before You Die

travel to indonesiaWhy should we consider visiting Indonesia? It may be the one that comes to your mind when someone asks you to travel to Indonesia. Well, Indonesia is actually an interesting choice when you want to explore something great in the world. With a very large area, Indonesia offers numerous places to enjoy when you want to find something new outside your routine life. Then, what are actually the reasons to visit Indonesia before we die?

Here Are 5 Reasons to Travel to Indonesia before You Die

The first reason is because you have a chance to see a great sunrise view in Indonesia. Indonesia has so many spots that can bring you an opportunity to see a very beautiful sunrise view. Let’s say Borobudur or some mountains in Indonesia, it offers you a great view of sunrise. The second reason is because it offers a very beautiful sea world view. When you travel to Indonesia, it is obligatory for you to do snorkeling or scuba diving. In this case, Raja Ampat can be the best choice to see the beauty of coral reefs and many other sea creatures. If you don’t bring any tool with you, you should not worry since there are a lot of rental shops.

The next reason why you must visit Indonesia before you die is because it offers you such interesting wildlife destination. Have you ever heard about komodo? Yeah, Komodo or Komodo Dragon is considered to be the closest creature we have to a dinosaur. If you are the one who likes to explore wildlife in any country, Komodo National Park in Indonesia will be such a great place to consider. The last, it is because of its food. You can taste something new in Indonesia and there is no doubt that Indonesian food is very tasty. Now, you have known some reasons why you must travel to Indonesia.

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