home decorating ideasHome decorating ideas with colorful look will make your home more attractive and give you good mood. It will be better if you have a medium house that is not too big. It will look so beautiful if the colors you choose are fit with the theme in your house as well. So, the point is doing not use colors for your house without proper ideas. So, here you will get several ideas for that colorful home decorating. So, let us see the information as follow.

What Are Colorful Home Decorating Ideas?

One if the best theme for the colorful home is retro. Retro style is the cheerful style which is very rich in colors. Even most colors are neon colors. You should try the retro look now to make your house more attractive and bright. If you agree to use the retro style; you should see more picture references about retro home decorating ideas. The furniture with retro theme sometimes unique. You can purchase the furniture or create it with your own design. You can use your old colorful comics as well to make the decoration for your wallpaper or the furniture; you will find a lot of tutorials about it.

There are other ways to make your home colorful without retro style if you do not like retro style. You can use the modern minimalist decoration for your house then. You only need to mix and match the right colors for your rooms. You can use cool or warm tone colors in the different room as you wish. Remember if you already have the colorful wall in one room; do not add too many ornaments again. Ok, that is all about the colorful home decorating ideas for you and your family. You can add your own creativity if it is fit and look good. Wish this information is useful.


small house design ideasSmall house for you who like simplicity is a perfect house. If you have a wide yard but you choose to have a small house, it will not cost you too much money to design it. Vintage small house design ideas are perfect for your house and your wide yard. You know, you can use your wide yard as a garden. You can build gazebo too. You can build an outdoor fire pit for having fun with your family. Ok, let us see the tips of vintage style for your small house. You will feel the beauty of vintage in this modern era. Check them below.

Tips Vintage Small House Design Ideas

Vintage will always close with cream and soft colors. Do you like soft colors? It is good if you like them. Flowers theme is also identical with vintage. You can design your wall with a flowery pattern. Then, you can hang flowers painting on the wall. It will look good on kitchen wall or living room wall. The couch you choose should have vintage style with soft colors. You better do not choose the big one because it will make your small room looks full. Iron chair for your mini patio is also a good choice for your vintage small house design ideas.

The windows of the vintage house usually have the vintage curtains as well. Check the examples of the vintage curtains on the internet. They are so beautiful; especially, the vintage window at the kitchen. Although the kitchen theme and design are vintage, do not place vintage tools at your kitchen. You should choose modern tools with vintage design only. You can stay modern in a beautiful vintage small house. So, do you have other small house design ideas? You can use your own idea then. Those are only the tips for you who like vintage design.


booth style kitchen tableIf you like spend your time with family in the booth style kitchen table more than in the living room, you should make the kitchen table more attractive and warm; so, you and family will be more intimate and close. Usually, the dining table is the main place where the family members share they thought with others. If the atmosphere of the dining table is good, it will build good relationship and emotion among the family members. So, how to make the booth kitchen table or dining table warmer and comfortable? Check the paragraphs below.

How To Make Booth Style Kitchen Table Warm And Comfortable?

You can start to change the colors of the kitchen and all around the table good and warm. Colors influence the mood and emotion of people a lot. So, choose colors that can make you and family’s mood better. For example, white with green, orange with cream or the combination of cool colors such as dark blue, blue, turquoise and so on. Then, you can add fresh flowers on the booth style kitchen table to make the room always fresh. Then, the position of the booth kitchen table should near the windows to make the atmosphere fresher yet cozy.

The seats you use at the booth kitchen table also will influence the comfort. You can add lather or foam on the seats to you comfortable. You can add the bench with foam on it too just in case of friends or far family visiting. Family gathering at night will more cheerful and intimate if you choose right lighting as well. A warm light of pendant lighting will make your booth style kitchen table perfect and warmer. To see the example of warm colors or cool colors you can find on the internet. That is all the information of how to make your booth kitchen table warm.


RooHomeThere are various ways of designing a house, and one of them is simply through the materials used for building the house. By using shipping container, it is practically possible to create a house that is used for living comfortably. There is no need to build a house in a very conventional way by arranging bricks to create a building. Even a single shipping container can be used for a single comfortable house for single person. Apart from the power of shipping container can be, it is essential to recognize that they require planning and organizations before they can be used as a real home. That is where home design comes into play.

Home Design of Futuristic Building

It is true that using shipping container is something innovative and surprising at the beginning. One possible design based on this material for building home involves the number of the container will be used. As previously mentioned, it is practically possible to use single container, but it is actually not enough space to live comfortably especially for people who have acquaintance. In this case, it is essential to collect more containers for the home design. After the numbers, it is time to deal with the floorplan which is determined by the cut or size of each container.

Now for the architecture, the owner actually needs to be creative to find something that is useful and eye-catching. Indeed, it is not an easy task, but it is possible. There have been so many ideas such as heat-insulated container using glass as a window. Most of the time, the container becomes so hot in the middle of the afternoon due to its metallic characteristic. Indeed, beauty does not equal to effectiveness all of the time, but it is still a great home design that can be implemented using shipping containers.