The Clash Of Clans (COC) Review

clash of clans cheatNowadays, many gamers are crazy with the game of clash of clans. Clash of clans or known as COC become very popular. COC is known as strategy game and the gamers should build their own town on attack and defense. The clash of clans is free game. It has simulation genre. That’s why many young people say that it is an addictive game. However, it is much different with other game which has the same genre.

Attacking And Defending In Clash Of Clans

Attack and defense are 2 important duties here. There are gamers say that the most important aspect is defending. Therefore, clash of clans will be beneficial for you. We will divide our attention to the both attack and defense. To have a strong defense, we can build weapons like troops, cannons, and watchtower. To attack the enemies, we can use clans or troop made before. If you want to keep playing and have success in playing you must defense and attack. This game will be more interesting because of tribal war mode. It is because we are able to join with other players from around world to have a fight. We cannot know and select the opponent because it randomly chooses by the system.

Because this is a strategy game, you should have a good strategy and skill to attack and defense. Today, the Clash of clans becomes more popular because it is very incredible game. There are more than 60,000 million people around the world have downloaded COC. To become the winner soon you should have an excellent strategy in attacking and defending. In the first time, you will be difficult but after having adaptation you will have your skill and become the first winner. Therefore, you want to be a winner instantly, you can use clash of clans hack

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