Why Dont Black People Get Lice? Get The Answer Here!

Can Black People Get LiceHead lice are kinds of insects that live on the scalp. The more they are will be the more itch that you are going to have. Moreover, it is also embarrassing as well. However, there are some people who are asking about why dont black people get lice? If you like to find out the answer, you can have it on this site. This question is something interesting to know. Most of you must have thought the difference between African and another type. This is not a racist topic to discuss but, it is related to the hair type that you should know.

Why Dont Black People Get Lice? Here Is The Answer

For your information, African people mostly have oval hair type and Caucasian and Asian people have around hair type. Meanwhile, the legs of the lice are designed for the round hair type. Thus, lice will have difficulties to crawl in the oval hair type. This is one of the questions of why dont black people get lice? However, it does not mean that they cannot get lice. The better explanation is that anyone can have lice on the scalp. The length of the life depends on the survival ability to the lice itself so even African people; they have a risk to get lice as well.

It is known that all the things that lice need to live are the warm place. Hence, when there is someone’s head which feels warm, they may live and breed on it. Such place makes them easy to lay the eggs. Therefore, having lice on the head has nothing to do with the hygienic life. It is all about the warmth place. It may happen to the African people as well. They may have it too. Thus, the question of why dont black people get lice ? Then, you already know the answer as well.

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