Dying Light Download Game PC Full Version

Download game pc full versionThe dying light game is a horror genre game. You can download game PC full version. This game brings zombie characters. The challenge is about how to defense and survives in the dead city where is inhibited by so many zombies.  The developer of this game is a popular developer, Techland. This game is similar to dead island game which is published by Techland too.

The Mission of Dying Light Download Game PC Full Version

In this game, you as a player will become a secret agent named Kyle Crane. The first duty is in a city called Harran. This city is like quarantine because there are viruses which cause the human change into a zombie. The story in this game is quite similar to the zombie game, Resident Evil. You will join an organization called GRE in the city. In the middle of this game, you will meet some humans who save from zombie virus. You will face a dilemma whether you will save them or join the organization. What the differences between this download game PC full versions with other? The area in this game is quite bright and your enemies are not only the zombie the other residents who are human.

This game is also free genre. Thus, there are many added side quests while completing the main mission. The side quest is to strengthen the character and to develop your ability. You will be not bored in playing this game because the side quest is different with others.  There are so many zombie types in the city. The zombie has different strength from the lowest one into the highest. Therefore, you must have an ability to have fast reflected to attack the zombies. If you fail in the mission, you will face a penalty. It means that your point will be decreased. This is an amazing game, go to download game PC full version.

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