Eating to Live

Health careThere are actually two notions that are associated with ‘eating to live’ and it is living to eat. The first proposition is actually more positive normatively because it allows healthier live through the proper way of eating. Proper here means eating delicious foods by considering the nutrition they contain. This ideal notion actually has crossed everyone’s mind because individuals know what is good for their health including eating good foods. The problem is that somehow it is quite difficult to achieve for some reasons. There are some disturbing facts related to how people eat that affect the quality of health.

First of all, people tend to eat delicious foods without considering the nutrition contents. As long as they can fill their stomach with anything that makes them satisfied, it is enough for a day. Unfortunately, it is not always the case because delicious foods may be dangerous. One type of delicious yet risky foods is fast foods. Hamburger, French fries, hotdog, and other similar foods are extremely nice for your palatial, but they lead to the health risk that you do not want to happen to you. Unique foods that you have not tried before also possess danger. Therefore, be sure it is safe before you eat them.

The next thing that people usually do is eating canned or preserved foods. Those foods contain a dangerous chemical substance for preserving the foods. Even though they come in very low concentration, there is still a high chance that those substances deposited your body. In the long term, those deposited substances can lead to health risk including but not limited to cancer. Therefore, it is best to avoid such preserved foods or you can just eat them in difficult situations. Eating to live really requires attention on what you actually consume. Even though it is inevitable, it can save your life in the long run.

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