House Health Care and Treatment for Flu

House Health Care and Treatment for Flu

Flu maybe a harmless virus. but, if you don’t take first step to end it, it will be very troublesome for you. Yes, flu virus is one of the very naughty virus which can attack all of living things on earth. Even cat can get flu. From the silver age, this disease already known as the kind of virus that always bother human race even animals can have affected by this virus. Dirty and unclean air is one of the thing that can make this virus happen. so, if you want to avoid this virus, you need to clean your house environment.

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Of course, the human that host the virus will feel ill and dizzy also this virus can make you hard to breathe. But, this virus still in the harmless category. Well, it’s really different from bird flu and also pig flu. Well, even though this virus is not deadly, you need to know how to treat the victim of this virus very carefully and if you don’t want to use any medicine that include chemical elements on it, maybe the traditional way is the perfect choice for you. Well, let’s talk about that.

Nature can be a great place that contain many plants that contain good things that can cure a disease. In this case, tea and ginger are both good for curing the flu.

So, when you or your family member or friends affected by this virus, drinking this drink can be the good step that can help to kill the virus inside your cells. Blocking nose is the annoying thing that will happen when flu arrive. This problem can be solved with onion. Using onion as an aromatherapy can be the good thing for the host.  Both ways are good for treat the flu victims. So, when you affected by flu, this can be the perfect way to end your suffering.

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