What Kind Of Food Do You Eat?

Health lifeSome people do not realize that the food they eat every day will drive the body. The body can go to hell or heaven based on the food. Hell, here means bad result in the future, your broken and sick body; then, heaven here means good result in the future, healthy and good body. What will you prefer? Heaven for sure if your brain is still working well. Good food here there are various types. Vegetarians or not will still reach the heaven if they choose the right food. So, what kind of food that is good?

There are options of food you can see around you. Are you cooking? If you cook, you have a step ahead of health life. Cooking will guarantee the quality of your food without any doubt. If you a vegetarian, you will see how important food without animal inside, right? If you buy food in the street, you never know whether they add oil from animal or not. So, cooking by yourself is a good choice. If you are not a vegetarian, you can eat anything you want if it is good. Vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, milk and beans are the best foods ever for your daily consumption.

If you like burgers, pizza, or fried chicken; you can still consume all of them. However, do not eat them too much. If you can make a pizza, burger or fried chicken by yourself; it is even better. Alcohol or soda may harm your body as well if you consume them too much. So, pick which is the best food and drink for your own body, dear. A healthy body will bring a good life and healthy life. You will feel your life is too beautiful to ruin. Do not ruin your perfect body at the first place by being selfish.

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