Maintaining Rattan Corner Sofa

Rattan Corner SofaRattan is the material that made of plants. It is natural material for furniture or a lot of domestic stuff such as plate and vase. Maintaining rattan corner sofa is not as easy as maintaining the domestic stuff; although rattan is more long lasting than the fabric sofa. If you can maintain the rattan sofa right; your rattan sofa will be more durable than it should be. Then, let see the several you should do and don’t for your corner sofa made of rattan below.

Ways of Maintaining Rattan Corner Sofa

The first thing you should remember is the cleaning of the sofa. You can rub or dust your rattan sofa but not too often. You only need to clean it or dust it if needed. Then, you can wash your corner sofa made of rattan with sponge or fabric every six months regularly. In washing this rattan sofa you should not use any whitening product. It is because the product will damage your rattan corner sofa sooner than you expected. Besides, the color of the rattan will be faded or the varnish will be peeled off. You should remember this; then, your corner sofa made of rattan will be long lasting.

You can add more good maintenance if needed for your beloved corner sofa made of rattan. This maintenance is good as well for other furniture made of rattan in your house. There must be a coffee table of the sofa that made of rattan as well, right? You can do the same to the coffee table then. Other than that, your rattan sofa that is placed outdoor should be treated better than the indoor ones. It is because the weather outdoor is more extreme. That is all about rattan corner sofa maintenance you should know. Hope the information is helpful and useful.

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