Start Your Blog with Choosing Best Templates Layout

Best TemplatesWhat is the first thing that you need to do in establishing your new blog? Of course, you need to choose a best templates layout for your blog. Now, what do you want to portray in your blog? Do you want to portray a traditional blog look? Or, do you want to make it look like magazine or portfolio? Luckily, you can do everything you like since right now blogging applications have allowed you to do so. By using WordPress or Blogger, for example, now you have various options of free templates or themes that you can match with your style.

How to Choose Best Templates Layout for a Blog

Nevertheless, if you do not know how you want your blog to feel and look, you will not be able to select a certain template. This following blog template options may help you to decide which the one that can work best for your own blog. First, best templates can come in a one-column layout with single column of content and without any sidebar. This kind of template may seem like an online journal because of its reversed chronological post order. This kind of template is perfect for you who want to build a personal blog that you do not need to show any other additional info.

Then, there is also two-column template. It includes a large main column in which it usually fills at least three-quarter of the screen. This one is common to use by many bloggers since it can provide more information as well as features on same pages. Next, there is magazine template layout as well which applies featured space that aims to highlight any specific content. This template is perfect for you who want to publish a large amount of content per day in your blog. Now, you can choose which best templates that can work best for your blog.

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