Tired Of Trekking? Try Bali Spa

ubudspaSo, you have spent some days of trekking in Bali Island and need to get such a relaxing rest. In this case, visiting a Bali spa can be a very good idea. When it comes to spa, Bali has a lot of places to go. Whether you are seeking for luxurious, unique or traditional spa, you will be able to find what you are seeking for in Bali. To give you some ideas about where to go, here we give you some best spa recommendation in Bali. Enjoy it!

Best Bali Spa You Must Try

The first place you must try when it comes to a spa in Bali is Spa Alilia. This spa has been popular among travelers and couples who like to go to luxury resorts to the spa. Becoming one of the best spas to be nominated in several Asia Spa Awards, this Bali spa specializes in massage meditation and anatomical physiology. The second spa that you must try is AWAY spa W. This one is among those stylish spas that offer a futuristic zen spa. If you want to feel how to be in a unique room with oxygen and detox feature, this place will be the best choice for you.

Moreover, there is also Banyan Tree Spa that provides expert therapists to give seamless spa experience. It surrounds by the natural view and the Indian Ocean that provide such a great atmosphere. Designed in the traditional style of Balinese, this spa will be great for you who are seeking for luxurious and authentic treatment in Bali. Then, you can also try Jaens spa in Ubud if you are looking for another traditional and authentic treatment of spa in Bali. Offering traditional Balinese massage and other traditional Balinese treatments, this place will bring you to the best experience of visiting Bali spa.

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