Vintage Small House Design Ideas

small house design ideasSmall house for you who like simplicity is a perfect house. If you have a wide yard but you choose to have a small house, it will not cost you too much money to design it. Vintage small house design ideas are perfect for your house and your wide yard. You know, you can use your wide yard as a garden. You can build gazebo too. You can build an outdoor fire pit for having fun with your family. Ok, let us see the tips of vintage style for your small house. You will feel the beauty of vintage in this modern era. Check them below.

Tips Vintage Small House Design Ideas

Vintage will always close with cream and soft colors. Do you like soft colors? It is good if you like them. Flowers theme is also identical with vintage. You can design your wall with a flowery pattern. Then, you can hang flowers painting on the wall. It will look good on kitchen wall or living room wall. The couch you choose should have vintage style with soft colors. You better do not choose the big one because it will make your small room looks full. Iron chair for your mini patio is also a good choice for your vintage small house design ideas.

The windows of the vintage house usually have the vintage curtains as well. Check the examples of the vintage curtains on the internet. They are so beautiful; especially, the vintage window at the kitchen. Although the kitchen theme and design are vintage, do not place vintage tools at your kitchen. You should choose modern tools with vintage design only. You can stay modern in a beautiful vintage small house. So, do you have other small house design ideas? You can use your own idea then. Those are only the tips for you who like vintage design.

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